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A place of history, legend and exceptional natural beauty. Promontory of white marl that rises on the sea between Punta Grande and Rossello, in the territory of Realmonte.

The landscape takes on different aspects depending on the time of day: in the hottest hours, the rock becomes white and the blue of the limpid sea shines in the rays of the sun; during Sunset the slab takes on a light red color; while at night it is the moon rays that are marrying with the whiteness of the white marl (rock). Named geologically and geographically ‘Punta Maiata’.


The name “Scala dei Turchi” derives from popular beliefs of the past centuries. It was thought, in fact, that the peoples coming from North Africa land right on the shores of the White Marne with their ships. From there they managed to comfortably plunder the places of interest, climbing and quickly descending the natural steps of cliffs (peculiarity of the place).

It has become over time, a tourist attraction, both for the singularity of the white cliff, the forms softened over time by the wind, and for the cinematographic popularity in which it was involved, as in the novels of Andrea Camileri starring the sympathetic commissioner Montalbano.

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