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City treasure chest of art treasures

Mild climate in winter and breezy in summer, to visit at any time of year. In February, almond and cherry trees start to bloom. For this occasion the two international festivals of folk shows called “almond in bloom” are dedicated.

Agrigento is also known for the ruins of the ancient city of Akragas and the Valley of the Temples, a World Heritage Site, an important archaeological testimony of classical Greek civilization.


On the hill looking towards the Valley of the Temples, there is the “Città Magnifica“, Agrigento, a treasure chest of art treasures.

Contrary to what one might imagine, it has not always been the most important street in the city. In fact, the central axis of the city was the Via Duomo, then the Via Carnevale, which connects the monastery of Santo Spirito with the Piazza Purgatorio, and then enter the oldest part of the same street Atenea, which rises as a circular axis in the vicinity of the Chiaramontane walls.

If you choose to know Agrigento for your holidays in Sicily take the opportunity to take a walk in the beautiful old town, immerse yourself in the typical market of the city and visit the Palazzo dei Giganti; historic building built in 1627 as the residence of the family Tomasi di Lampedusa and which became the Town Hall since 1867. It has a round-shaped iron portal and a series of ornamental windows and balconies that make it a compact and elegant structure. Inside is the splendid Pirandello Theater, still active today.

The city, which was founded by the Cretans, became one of the most important cities in Sicily. During the Punic Wars it was conquered by the Romans, and after the collapse of the Empire, it was controlled by the Arabs, which allowed a remarkable cultural and artistic growth.